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Looking For The Best Insurance Quote?’s UK insurance quote system is fast, simple and free to use. You can compare quotes from lots of big-name insurers in one go! Compare now and see how much you can save!
You can compare motor, personal and business insurance prices from leading insurance companies in real time. Simply choose from the drop lists above, fill out the relevant forms then let reputable UK insurers give you their best offer, instantly! No obligations or catches!

Our computer systems connect to the widest range of UK insurers. You get your quotes delivered right in front of you, on your computer screen and later again by email.

Simply pick the best one and confirm your request with the company.

Job done!

Why use Select MoneyTree Insurance?

At, we compare prices from many different insurers and brokers instantly. You get the best deal from the comfort of your living room or wherever you happen to be!

We all know of the traditional method of shopping around for insurance quotes; a slow, painstaking business! Scrolling through a directory, picking out insurers, getting them on the phone, getting put on hold, eventually getting through to someone who asks you lots of tedious questions before giving you a quote!

It’s a bore having to do this once but then having to do it over and over again? You then have to keep track of all the quotes you were given. It’s easy to get confused about who was cheapest when you’re trying to keep them in mind or you have them scrawled on bits of paper.

Things got a bit easier when the World Wide Web became popular. Big-name insurers twigged that online quotes were a useful way for them to get in contact with customers and deliver their products to them. The insurance shopper could go online, any time of day or night, and get a quote from XYZ insurer. This was a real time-saver, except for one thing: The customer still had to physically ‘shop around’ by visiting all the insurance websites one-by-one and entering the same details over and over again, to get a simple quote.

This is where SelectMoneyTree and our partners have done something a bit tasty! The best and most reputable UK insurers sat down with us and developed a setup whereby you now only need to fill in one form, once only, to get quotes from all of them! This makes good sense since they all require similar information.

Using the latest technology, you can now contact a lot of insurers in one go and get tailored quotes fast, direct to you, with no waiting about!


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